Tips for use

Tips for use

The current version of the Webphone has the following conditions:

Use an unregistered VoIP account

The Webphone requires a separate (not in use) VoIP-account. If you want to use an existing VoIP-account, make sure that this account isn’t already added to another device. Most telephones send you a deregistration notice when you delete a VoIP-account from a telephone. If that doesn’t happen, you need to wait until the registration expires.

Settings are stored on your computer or laptop

All settings are only saved on your device and are not synchronized across other devices. If you delete or reset certain things in your browser, you might lose your settings.

Don’t use more than one webphone at a time

You can only be logged in to one Webphone at a time. If you open a second Webphone on the same or on another device, there could be connection problems and there is a chance you won’t receive any calls.

Webphone doesn’t work on your smartphone

The Webphone usually doesn’t work on mobile versions of a browser. Even if the Chrome browser is available on your phone, it is actually different than the version you use on your laptop or desktop.

Don’t close the webphone

You need to have the Webphone window open at all times. If you close the window or tab where the Webphone is, you won’t be available via the Webphone anymore.