Solving problems

Solving problems

Browser notification problems

If you experience problems with the browser notifications of the Webphone, please visit this help page.

Audio is too low

If there are problems with bad audio, it could be that the microphone volume in your operating system is too low. You can usually find these settings under audio/sound in your operating system.

No audio during a phone call

If you don’t have audio during a phone call but you do while testing the sound in the settings, then the phone call audio is probably being blocked through your network.

Bad connection

When the Webphone loses connection for a short time because of, for example, a loosely plugged in internet cable, the Webphone will always try to reestablish the connection.

Remote logging

By using the option “remote logging”, the cause of a problem with the Webphone can be found from a distance. This setting is turned off by default and needs to be turned on. After this we can analyze your phone call data. We are happy to receive test phone calls that can be used to investigate the problem further.

Hard resetting the Webphone

When the cause of the problem can’t be found, a reset is the last option for solving the problem. You can do this by deleting your cache, cookies, and browser history.