Webphone functionalities

After you have set up the Webphone correctly, you are available via the Webphone. This includes being able to use different functionalities, like the ones that are available to you when using a fixed device.

Incoming calls

A notification will be sent for every incoming call. You can choose to answer or ignore the call. If the call is answered by someone else in the call group, this will be displayed.

Outgoing calls

To call an outgoing number, click the keypad button on the right and enter a number. Another option is to quickly copy and paste a number into the keypad and call that number. You can also use the click-to-dial browser plugin with the Webphone.


On the Colleagues tab, you can see all colleagues with a VoIP-account and their status. You can filter this to show online accounts and make a favorites list. You can also transfer calls easily, both blind and attended, by selecting a colleague from the list.


You can use the Recent tab to see your call history. You can also filter to see missed calls.


If you use queues, you can find them under the Queues tab. It is also possible to see the amount of people waiting in the queue in the left menu bar. Click on the eye icon from the queue you wish to see and the number of people waiting will be visible in the menu.

Do not disturb

Just as with a fixed device, it is possible to put the Webphone on do not disturb. This way incoming calls will not be put through to you. It is still possible to make outgoing calls.


To easily change between different end destinations, you can change your availability under settings. Here you can choose from the accounts that are associated with the user account connected to the Webphone.


Calls made with the Webphone are encrypted by default. This is especially relevant when you are using a public network.