Enabling audio on startup

Enabling audio on startup


For a few years now, Chrome has had a policy that users of their browser must first interact with the website before audio playback begins. Since the Webphone is a website, Chrome also applies this policy to our Webphone. In this guide, you will find two options to ensure that you do not encounter a dialog to enable sound every time you start the Webphone.

Download the Webphone as an app

The first option is to download the Webphone as an app which you can launch from your desktop. When you’ve got an app, this also ensures that audio will have permissions to be played on startup.

  • In the Webphone, navigate to settings
  • Select Install
  • Follow the prompts

settings install apps

Adjust the settings of the Webphone

If you don’t want to install the Webphone as an app you can adjust the settings of the site.

Click on the icon infront of the URL and choose Site Settings

settings click on icon

At Sounds, choose Allow. settings sounds allow